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IMP MSHookMessage(Class class, SEL selector, IMP replacement, const char* prefix); // prefix should be NULL.
void MSHookMessageEx(Class class, SEL selector, IMP replacement, IMP *result);
void MSHookFunction(void* function, void* replacement, void** p_original);
  • MSHookMessage() will replace the implementation of the Objective-C message -[class selector] by replacement, and return the original implementation. To hook a class method, provide the meta class retrieved from objc_getMetaClass in the MSHookeMessage(Ex) call This dynamic replacement is in fact a feature of Objective-C, and can be done using method_setImplementation. MSHookMessage() is not thread-safe and has been deprecated in favor of MSHookMessageEx()

  • MSHookFunction() is like MSHookMessage() but is for C/C++ functions. The replacement is done at assembly level. Conceptually, MSHookFunction() will write instructions that jumps to the replacement function, and allocate some bytes on a custom memory location, which has the original cut-out instructions and a jump to the rest of the hooked function. Since on iOS by default a memory page cannot be simultaneously writable and executable, a kernel patch must be applied for MSHookFunction() to work. (Any public jailbreak should have one.)

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