use a private Spec Repo to do sharing components across projects:deploy Podspecs to your own private specs repo with` pod repo push REPO [NAME.podspec]`

Posted by kunnan on March 10, 2017


deploy Podspecs to your own private specs repo with pod repo push REPO [NAME.podspec]

  • a few steps to getting a private pods setup for your project
    1) creating a private repository for them, 
    2) letting CocoaPods know where to find it 
    3) and adding the podspecs to the repository.

An Example

1. Create a Private Spec Repo

Create a repo on your server. This can be achieved on Github or on your own server as follows

  • 之前使用pod trunk push KNIosCommonTool.podspec发布到 publicly available
    Updating spec repo `master`
    对 `master` 仓库 进行合并、提交.[master仓库地址]( 
  • The rest of this example uses the repo at zhangkn Specs
    创建一个像 `master` 一样的存放版本描述文件的git仓库. 不失一般性,我选择了 的 public repo。
    devzkndeMacBook-Pro:git devzkn$ pwd
    devzkndeMacBook-Pro:git devzkn$ mkdir Specs.git
    devzkndeMacBook-Pro:git devzkn$ cd Specs.git
    devzkndeMacBook-Pro:Specs.git devzkn$ git init --bare
    Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/devzkn/code/git/Specs.git/
  • 你可以使用 oschina
    >私人git仓库,选择 [oschina]( 创建远程私有仓库(free)也可以在GitHub上创建(**money**)。

2. Add your repo to your CocoaPods installation

  • pod repo add zhangkn_specs
    Cloning spec repo `zhangkn_specs` from ``
  • cd ~/.cocoapods/repos
    devzkndeMBP:repos devzkn$ tree -L 1
    ├── AliBCSpecs
    ├── artsy
    ├── master
    ├── specta
    └── zhangkn_specs
  • Check your installation is successful
    cd ~/.cocoapods/repos/zhangkn_specs
    pod repo lint .
    Linting spec repo `zhangkn_specs`
    All the specs passed validation.

3、Add your Podspec to your repo

  • Create your Podspec
    pod lib lint  KNBaseWebViewController.podspec --verbose  --allow-warnings
    git tag -a 0.1.1 -m "0.1.1"
    git push origin --tags
    # pod trunk push KNIosCommonTool.podspec  这个步骤替换成pod repo push zhangkn_specs /Users/devzkn/code/cocoapodDemo/podDemo/KNBaseWebViewController/KNBaseWebViewController.podspec --verbose  --allow-warnings
  • Save your Podspec and add to the repo
    pod repo push zhangkn_specs /Users/devzkn/code/cocoapodDemo/podDemo/KNBaseWebViewController/KNBaseWebViewController.podspec --verbose  --allow-warnings
    Updating the `zhangkn_specs' repo
    Adding the spec to the `zhangkn_specs' repo
    Pushing the `zhangkn_specs' repo
    /usr/bin/git -C /Users/devzkn/.cocoapods/repos/zhangkn_specs -C /Users/devzkn/.cocoapods/repos/zhangkn_specs push origin master
  • Assuming your Podspec validates, it will be added to the repo. The repo will now look like this
    cd  /Users/devzkn/.cocoapods/repos/zhangkn_specs 
    devzkndeMBP:zhangkn_specs devzkn$ tree -L 3
    ├── HEAD
    ├── KNBaseWebViewController
    │   └── 0.1.1
    │       └── KNBaseWebViewController.podspec
  • git pull
    Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy.
     KNBaseWebViewController/0.1.1/KNBaseWebViewController.podspec | 54 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     KNBaseWebViewController/0.1.2/KNBaseWebViewController.podspec | 54 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     KNBaseWebViewController/0.1.3/KNBaseWebViewController.podspec | 55 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • pod repo update zhangkn_specs
  • pod search KNBaseWebViewController
-> KNBaseWebViewController (0.1.1)
   KNPodlib Improve  customize webview functionality
   pod 'KNBaseWebViewController', '~> 0.1.1'
   - Homepage:
   - Source:
   - Versions: 0.1.1 [zhangkn_specs repo]

See this Podfile for an example of how the repo URL is included

  • demo repo

  • demo for how the private repo URL is included

    pod init
    source ''
    Cloning spec repo `zhangkn` from ``
    devzkndeMBP:repos devzkn$ tree -L 1
    ├── AliBCSpecs
    ├── artsy
    ├── master
    ├── specta
    ├── zhangkn # 从 下载的仓库
    └── zhangkn_specs # 我刚刚创建的本地仓库
     open KNBaseWebViewControllerDemo.xcworkspace
     pod update
     Installing KNBaseWebViewController 0.1.2 (was 0.1.1)
  • 使用私人pod库的需要在Podflie中添加这句话,指明你的版本库地址。
    source ''
  • 如果同时使用了其他的Specs库,也要声明
      source ‘’

How to remove a Private Repo

  • How to remove a Private Repo
    pod repo remove [name]

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